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Lake Pupuke Regatta: 27 October 2012

Well finally here are the pictures, that I salvaged from my drowned cellphone…




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These boots were made for…

Rowing crews are not all just about ‘pulling on the stick’…

There are other serious matters such as rowing crew vs parents table tennis competitions…

First to 7 points, round robin knock out.

Crew vs Parents 1

Crew vs Parents 2

Crew vs Parents 3

So I suppose y’all want to know who won?

That would be the mum in the brown top and jeans in picture 1.  (Complete with high heeled boots).


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Go Jump in the Lake

The blog-master apologises for the lack of photos in this blog post…  it was supposed to have had pictures of the younger youngling’s first ever rowing regatta…

However, the blog-master fell into the lake trying to take a photo, (in front of son and friends and several hundred other spectators) and drowned his cellphone, so once the memory chip has been extracted and dried out, there may be photos in a later post.

Hot Tip:  Do not stand on the slippery edge of the lake wall and lean out, trying to take a photo of son and friends sitting on the same edge of the lake wall and expect to remain dry.

Now where is the nearest cellphone shop…





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