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Darling Buds of “May”

Well, since we are in the southern hemisphere, spring may not officially start until the 1st September…

However, our plum tree certainly thinks that spring is here!


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Admiral Hestorb

Admiral Hestrob from the mountains of Tennesse, was a regal feline queen who touched the hearts of many, from all around the world, including Ambassador Schönheit’s Master who had the pleasure of paying a diplomatic visit, from Auckland, New Zealand, in the spring of 2010.   The Admiral has now since sailed to the Rainbow Bridge.

Here is the record of the Official Diplomatic Audience, awarded to Ambassor Schönheit’s, envoy.

Whew… !  I thought he would never leave… !

The legacy of Admiral Hestorb now continues though the new adventures of Katie Isabella.


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Off The Beaten Track

 Well this looks hopeful…

 And after a hard day walking, and swimming around and around trying to ‘rescue’ the boys… every time they leapt in…

 Some time later…

 I smell bacon!

 I smell more bacon!


 Humans only…


Kauaeranga Valley, Thames, New Zealand


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Lake Side

 Lakes, are great places, especially when you get to go with your humans on holiday.   This is one of my favourites – Lake Tarawera, Rotorua, New Zealand.Lake Tarawera - NZ

 A little further down the road is the Blue Lake, you can walk right around it.   This is great for dogs… and Master’s with flabby tummies.   Those younglings, are a bit bigger than that now…  in fact the youngest one is now bigger than the Master!


 Mount Tarawera… it last blew up in 1887.

 View from the lake house


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