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Lake Pupuke Regatta: 27 October 2012

Well finally here are the pictures, that I salvaged from my drowned cellphone…




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Go Jump in the Lake

The blog-master apologises for the lack of photos in this blog post…  it was supposed to have had pictures of the younger youngling’s first ever rowing regatta…

However, the blog-master fell into the lake trying to take a photo, (in front of son and friends and several hundred other spectators) and drowned his cellphone, so once the memory chip has been extracted and dried out, there may be photos in a later post.

Hot Tip:  Do not stand on the slippery edge of the lake wall and lean out, trying to take a photo of son and friends sitting on the same edge of the lake wall and expect to remain dry.

Now where is the nearest cellphone shop…





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Lake Side

 Lakes, are great places, especially when you get to go with your humans on holiday.   This is one of my favourites – Lake Tarawera, Rotorua, New Zealand.Lake Tarawera - NZ

 A little further down the road is the Blue Lake, you can walk right around it.   This is great for dogs… and Master’s with flabby tummies.   Those younglings, are a bit bigger than that now…  in fact the youngest one is now bigger than the Master!


 Mount Tarawera… it last blew up in 1887.

 View from the lake house


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