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Re-Blog: Master of the Universe

Master of the Universe

In an semi-quasi-exclusive scoop, we bring you these re-blogged scandalous images of what really goes on behind the closed doors of “The Palace”…

“Your Majesty…”

Sources close to Ambassador Schonheit, say that he is “speechless” at such a blantant display of “behaviour unbecoming a canine”; says an un-named source, from within the embassy, who spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with embassy policy.



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Taking the P*ss

OK Ollie, now you are just taking the p*ss…

I have it on good authority, that Mummy opened the laundry window first thing yesterday morning…

…but apparently on sniffing the morning air, and the wet ground you then turned tail, and promptly wee’ed in the clean litter tray.

Then Mummy, changed the litter tray with fresh …

…at which point you then decided to finish off your business with a poop.

Dude it wasn’t raining THAT much.






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The Dog Watch

Dear Ambassador,

Thank you so much for keeping watch over the driveway, and alerting me to every passing dog being walked  while I was hard at work trimming the hedge this weekend.    Also thank you for understanding that I could only throw your ball for you when I actually had my feet planted firmly on the ground, not 3 metres up in the air.

While you did seem totally unconcerned that I was risking life and limb, 3 m up in the air, I did notice that when Ethan climbed up there you wanted to try and follow him.

Also I would like to point out that the idea was to put the trimmings under the hedge…

…not pull the pieces back out again to cart around the backyard!

Kindest regards,

Your Master.


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The Cat Pack

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