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We are NOT ameeeeeewsed !



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Yes; What?


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Lost and Found

Yesterday, we took the youngest youngling to rowing, and stopped after training for lunch at a cafe, as you do.

We then returned home, as there was a bit of rubbish in the car, asked the youngest youngling to de-louse the car on disembarking.

Youngest youngling, then proceeded to gather up all his rowing gear and then dumped the pile onto the floor of his bedroom..  (standard operating procedure).

Fast forward to this morning… and time to leave for work, school bus etc…  (we all leave together).

I can not find, my jacket, cellphone, keys or wallet…   search the house…   (sans younglings bedroom, I mean who would think to look there?)…   I phone my cellphone…  can’t hear it in the house.

The last place that I remember seeing my jacket is on the back of the chair in the cafe the previous day…   it is that ‘in-between’ kind of spring weather, you need a light jacket outside, but inside you take it off because it is too warm…  (but I digress).    I phone cafe…  no they have not seen my jacket with keys, wallet and cellphone. We had used my wife’s keys to drive home.

Perplexed I leave for work…    then once at work, I set about cancelling all my credit cards etc at the bank, cancelling my drivers license, putting a hold on my cellphone, calling my insurance company to put in a claim, filing a police report because the insurance company said I had to…

Then I realise that if someone has stolen my jacket at the cafe, with my wallet and keys, that there is more than enough identification in my wallet for them to find where we live, and persons unscrupulous could be busy cleaning out the house and then using my keys to load the loot into the back of the car that is still at home, and then drive away with the lot…   (yeah yeah, I know worst case scenario…  but you kind of have to think about that…)   after all even though the cats were inside, I suspect that they would just meow at the burglars to fill their bowl with biscuits…  (but I digress again..)

SO THEN I decide that I need to come home and call a lock smith to re-key all our locks, so home I come and call said lock smith, who is very prompt in arriving to re-key all the locks in the house about seven in total.     After the lock smith has been on the job for around half an hour, my wife then calls and suggests that the youngest youngling may have taken my jacket out of the car, and have I checked in his room…?

I go and check.    Sure enough on the floor of the room amongst various piles of teenage detritus, I find my jacket, keys, wallet and cellphone.

Normally a misplaced cellphone in the house can easily be found by ringing it…  but in this case it was muffled by my jacket pocket and various other clothes piled on top thereof.

By this time the lock smith had just about finished his work.

So now I have a pile of useless (cut in two) credit and bank cards, as once you report them lost they get fried instantly… they will take a few days to be replaced…   and a lock smith bill of $150.00..   (he was a bit apologetic at having to still give me the bill…  but hey the work had now been done.)

Then of course, I needed to call all the banks, cellphone company, insurance, police, etc, and tell them that all the stuff had been found…   at home…  duh.

Fortunately, I could re-activate my drivers license again with yet another phone call, and save the $38.50 fee for a new license.   Yay.

We also have a new set of very shiny house keys. Yay.


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Re-Blog: Master of the Universe

Master of the Universe

In an semi-quasi-exclusive scoop, we bring you these re-blogged scandalous images of what really goes on behind the closed doors of “The Palace”…

“Your Majesty…”

Sources close to Ambassador Schonheit, say that he is “speechless” at such a blantant display of “behaviour unbecoming a canine”; says an un-named source, from within the embassy, who spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with embassy policy.



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Snuggle Puss

Actually we are not very amused this evening…   Mummy made us eat tinned cat food rather than our usual individual serve pouches.



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Lord of the Door

This is a picture of Ollie lying in a doorway.

Not just any doorway mind you…

This is the doorway from the main living area of Schonheit Castle, that leads to the main hallway.

It would not be inaccurate to say, that this would be the busiest doorway in the castle.

However more importantly, directly to the right of this door is the door that leads to the laundry…  Ollie is not stupid…  he knows that if he sits right in the middle of the road, that someone might just, go into the laundry and fill up the biscuit bowl…

…naturally if this does indeed occur, then this is not an event that should on any account be missed.



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Fresh Meat

We don’t normally feed our four leggies, fresh meat, but they had some on special at the grocery store so we decided to give them a ‘treat’…   in this case veal, or young beef.

We gave some to the Ambassador…  he took one sniff an walked away…   maybe he knew it was ‘reduced to clear’…  but it was still within the ‘use by’ date…  and quite fresh, but then German Shepherds are known to be particular about what they eat so….

Let’s add a clove of garlic, and a pinch of salt…  a quick stir over heat…

Yup…  that did the trick…  once cooked that was deemed acceptable.  I mean I know the label said ‘cat food’ but that has certainly never stopped cat feed bowl raids in the past….!

(For the record, Millie, kinda licked at the fresh meat and Ollie (aka – ‘Guts Face’) thought the raw meat was rather nice, …but then he would!)


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