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Taking the P*ss

OK Ollie, now you are just taking the p*ss…

I have it on good authority, that Mummy opened the laundry window first thing yesterday morning…

…but apparently on sniffing the morning air, and the wet ground you then turned tail, and promptly wee’ed in the clean litter tray.

Then Mummy, changed the litter tray with fresh …

…at which point you then decided to finish off your business with a poop.

Dude it wasn’t raining THAT much.






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At Your Convenience

Dear Ollie,

It was so nice of you to greet us, when we arrived home from work, uncurling yourself from the plastic basin on top of the laundry cupboard, which I am sure that you had not moved from all day.

Now I appreciate that if you had been sleeping the day away, that the call of nature would have been calling once you awoke on our return.

However was it totally necessary to then use the clean litter tray that had been sitting there unused all day;  five minutes after we opened the laundry window so that you could go outside and use the great outdoors?

It wasn’t even raining…


Your Humans


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