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CPR for Dummies

We had our photo shoot yesterday for our departments Christmas card…





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Screwpile Developments

The Te Maari crater at 1.30pm today. Photo / Geonet

The Te Maari crater at 1.30pm today. Photo / Geonet

Mount Tongariro has erupted, GNS Science reports.

The eruption came from Te Maari Crater, on the western side of the mountain, shortly before 1.30pm.

A massive plume of ash can be seen coming from the mountain.

GNS Science duty volcanologist Nico Fournier told APNZ the eruption happened about 1.20pm.

“There was one eruption, essentially one explosion, and it was not sustained. It spewed some ash possibly a couple of kilometres up the air. The ash is now drifting to the east-southeast.”

Dr Fournier said the eruption was not very loud and was smaller than an earlier eruption in August.

Tongariro, in the centre of the North Island, erupted in August for the first time in 115 years, sending ash as far east as Napier.

According to GeoNet, Tongariro is a complex of multiple volcanic cones constructed over a period of…

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New Watch


Now I realise this is not very exciting, but my son keeps taking my other one and this one only cost $14.95! Oh and I am also just showing off that I can post this entry on the train…


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Excuse me…


…and just where do you think you might be going?



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Lake Pupuke Regatta: 27 October 2012

Well finally here are the pictures, that I salvaged from my drowned cellphone…




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These boots were made for…

Rowing crews are not all just about ‘pulling on the stick’…

There are other serious matters such as rowing crew vs parents table tennis competitions…

First to 7 points, round robin knock out.

Crew vs Parents 1

Crew vs Parents 2

Crew vs Parents 3

So I suppose y’all want to know who won?

That would be the mum in the brown top and jeans in picture 1.  (Complete with high heeled boots).


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