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Darling Buds of “May”

Well, since we are in the southern hemisphere, spring may not officially start until the 1st September…

However, our plum tree certainly thinks that spring is here!


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Chicken Gravy

Dear Ambassador

We are pleased to advise that the left over chicken gravy from this evenings roast dinner has been poured over your biscuits.

In other news, one of the younglings will be at home all day tomorrow on something called ‘study leave’.

This effects you in that we will ensure that he schedules in a break from this ‘study’ and that at some point during the day he obtains a suitable infusion of fresh air, by way of taking you for a walk around the block.

So as you will well appreciate, human exams, and and more importantly this thing called  ‘study leave’ is actually very good news for dogs.


Your Humans





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Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

Starting today and all next week the eldest human youngling has something going on called ‘mock exams’…

This does seem to be causing quite a bit of a ‘to do’ amongst the two legged inhabitants of Schonheit Castle, but what relevance this has to the four legged inhabitants remains to be seen.

The Ambassador does however understand that taking regular breaks from study, involving fresh air and walks around the block may be involved, in the overall strategic plan.

As for the feline inhabitants of Schonheit Castle, well quite frankly they think it is “Much Ado About Nothing”…

…unless of course the biscuit bowl is empty.


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The Great Catsby

This past week we have been hearing quite a lot about “The Great Catsby”…  well I think that is what the humans said…   apparently it is some early 20 th century fictional story that one of the human younglings had to read and then write 800 words about, for an English assignment.

Problem is; the human youngling in question thought that “The Great Catsby” was a load of old cat barf… after all what 16 year old boys wouldn’t…  (his Dad read chapter one and gave up…)

The resulting cat-a-wailing that eminated from his room during the week was rather something to behold.

Anyone would have thought they were trying to feed him ‘stale’ cat biscuits that had been sitting in the bowl longer than 30 minutes!



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I Smell Bacon

Dear Ambassador,

I have some good news, and I have some bad news.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first; yes it was indeed bacon that you smelled cooking, which had been infused with maple syrup during cooking, and then made into grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches… but alas no; you will not be getting any of the actual bacon.

The good news however, is that because it was streaky bacon there was quite a lot of bacon fat left in the pan… and we are happy to report that this has now been poured all over your biscuits.

Love Craig


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A Truth Universally Acknowledged

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a stinky dog in possession of dry itchy skin, and who is prone to ‘hot spot’ skin infections, is in want of a vet only prescription shampoo, that costs $40.00 a bottle.

Uh… you are kidding me right? You are not really going to turn this thing on are you?

Please shake, excess water off, before egressing the shower box.

There, now that was not so bad after all, was it?


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Taking the P*ss

OK Ollie, now you are just taking the p*ss…

I have it on good authority, that Mummy opened the laundry window first thing yesterday morning…

…but apparently on sniffing the morning air, and the wet ground you then turned tail, and promptly wee’ed in the clean litter tray.

Then Mummy, changed the litter tray with fresh …

…at which point you then decided to finish off your business with a poop.

Dude it wasn’t raining THAT much.






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